PrEl’s Biotech Private Limited

We are developing a biomaterial-based, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, hybrid adsorbent with functional bacteria and other microorganisms to develop an efficient design to suit the industrial requirements for maximising functionality and productivity.

Fragmentum Ecosystem Private Limited

Fragmentum Ecosystem private limited is a startup founded by Alumni’s of Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, is working on waste management company for collection and segregation of wastages 

MVG Consulting Private Limited

MVG Consulting Private Limited is our startup working on Block Chain based product development company


We empower the farming and fishing communities and take their issues to NGOs, Volunteers, and Support Groups.

To reach the outside world, we publish agriculture and fisheries-related news in the form of comics.

Minzharge Energy & India Private Limited

Through our Platform we are covering the entire buying and owning lifecycle of Electric Vehicles and also make sure EV are used in a convenient way

Plaskon Plastics Private Limited

Plaskon, with 3 years of experience in Plastic recycling is now building an end-to-end digital waste management system